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Naughty & Dice:

An Adult Gamer's Guide to Sexual Situations

Sex is a topic rarely discussed in most roleplaying games, yet it can be as much a factor as combat or magic. This book presents rules for introducing such an often-overlooked element into your game. No matter what game you play.

Why should rules for sex be a part of gaming? For the same reasons as should rules for anything else. Sex is an important part of life, a driving force in human interaction. Sexual rites, fertility, and potency are vital in nearly every culture and era. The question should be: Why have rules for sex been so long ignored?

Naughty & Dice: An Adult Gamer's Guide to Sexual Situations features:

  • Instructions for factoring a character's Sexuality statistic.
  • Rules for sexual gifts, drawbacks and abilities.
  • Character archetypes and ideas.
  • Adventure ideas.
  • Pregnancy, contraception, and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Magic spells, enchanted items, potions and sex-related magic.
  • An overview of sex in history, mythology, and folklore.
  • Genre-specific looks at horror, sci-fi, and fantasy.
  • Ideas for adapting these concepts into your campaign, including examples of fantasy races, religion, and aliens.
  • Pieces of short fiction by Origins Award nominated author Christine Morgan.

Naughty & Dice is a generic sourcebook, designed for use with any game system. It also includes an entire chapter devoted to using these rules with the world's most popular roleplaying game, using the Open Game License.



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Ellis RPG Cover


Ellis: Kingdom in Turmoil RPG

Tell No Tales

A Kingdom in Turmoil

Good King Heinrich is dead, betrayed by his closest advisor. His three sons, quarrelsome to the end, have vowed that only one of them shall rule. How many thousands will die before a king is chosen?

Rumors tell of unrest in the border-lands, and among the recently subjugated Cordovans. Will they sit idly by while civil war rages throughout kingdom?

Religious zealots speak of the end times and whip themselves into a frenzy. Heresy is stirring right under the noses of the clergy, while church leaders bicker amongst themselves.

This is your character's world and it is crumbling down. What will you do? What will you fight for? What is worth saving and what needs to change? Who can you trust? To what lengths will you go to save a kingdom in turmoil?

A Roleplaying Game of Low-Fantasy, High-Roleplaying

Detailed character creation will inspire you to build exciting personas full of depth and history.

Quick-to-learn skill system makes jumping into a a game fast and hassle-free.

Integrated rules help players immerse themselves in their characters and encourage roleplay.

A unique combat system that focuses on movement and fast-play. Play out any fight in less than an hour!

Detailed information about the world of Ellis, its people and its customs. Saints, fantastic beasts, places and important people are all described.

The Ellis: Kingdom in Turmoil book contains everything you need (except for 4 six-sided dice) to spend countless hours roleplaying and having fun.
  Twelve ordinary Americans.

One isolated Caribbean island.

Half a million dollars in gold.

The contestants for the new historical-themed reality game show Pirate Adventure think they know what they're getting themselves into. The show's creator and the production team are confident that they have everything under control.

Sure, there have been a few problems. Equipment glitches. Accidents. Injuries. Illness. Routine setbacks, that's all. A run of bad luck. Certainly nothing more. Not, for instance, a curse.

Not, for instance, the spirit of Captain Smythe, reaching out from beyond the grave to punish those who've invaded his resting place. Not, for instance, the vengeful wrath of his spectral crew, seeking to protect their long-buried treasure.

It couldn't be anything like that. Or so the living keep telling themselves. Even after the disappearances … and the murders …

When a worsening world situation traps them on the island, the cast and crew will learn the hard way that challenges won't help, alliances don't matter, the votes mean nothing, and survival is very much at stake.





MageLore Book: 1
Curse of the Shadow Beasts

MageLore Book 2: 
Dark of the Elvenwood

MageLore Book 3:
Archmage of the Universe

Enter a world of magic, adventure, and romance. A world of noble elves, powerful wizards, and clever thieves. A world where a ruined castle beckons the curious, an ancient curse plagues the innocent, and love is not only forbidden . . . it may be punished by death.  Elven mage Arien Mirida was living what should have been the perfect life. Lord High Librarian of Thanis,  sharing a home with the lovely Alinora, friend and student of the Archmage Talus Yor, the curse that had plagued his family finally broken . . . yes, all should have been well. 

Yet a shadow lingers over Arien's heart, a shadow in the shape of a young thief and the memory of a love impossible to forget. When adventure calls and brings with it the promise of a reunion with Cat Sabledrake, Arien is quick to accept the dangerous quest and his life will never be the same . . . 

The evil minotaur mage Solarrin has risen to power in Thanis. With the Highlord under his sway and the nobles living in fear of him, and the elven and dwarven ambassadors already falling under his spell, he has no cause for concern. Nothing could threaten his dominance . . . unless by chance, his former companions haven't simply fled in their terror of his might. 

As it happens, they haven't . . . they've gone off in search of the only one whose magic surpasses Solarrin's own, the Archmage Talus Yor. But the biggest problem now facing Arien Mirida, Cat Sabledrake, and their friends is this -- bringing Talus Yor back from the dead. 






Set of all 3 MageLore Books






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ElfLore Book 1:

Daughter of Unicorn and Dragon. This is how silver-haired Ariana Mirida is known in the city of Tradersport, where she has grown up under the tutelage of her Archmage father and roguish mother. 

Now an adult and ready to begin her own life of adventure, Ariana joins forces with the Talopean priest Mischa Narrin. These unlikely friends travel to the Emerin where Ariana has every  intention of clearing her father's name. 

But the Emerin is a land without a king, a land torn apart by decades of war and under the control of scheming counts and ambitious wizards. 

Ariana is determined to get their attention even if it means bringing back a fabled artifact from a lost temple. She's about to find that the perils of the woodlands are nothing compared to the danger she'll find from one renegade knight and his deadly Morvalan companion..


ElfLore Book 2:
Knight of the Basilisk

She is Kai Tilanne, shadowy companion of Sir Tiercel Reyes. A Rhunvala, warrior- priestess of a dark elven god, she fights with the courage born of absolute faith. 

But she was not always Kai Tilanne. Once, she was only Tilanne Murres, a young Morvalan woman whose life changes forever in one terrible night of fire and blood when a dying Rhunvala names her his successor. In all the history of her people, no woman has ever aspired to such an office.

Tilanne is determined to follow this new path, although it means defying the conventions of her people and giving up her chance at marriage and family. She must journey to the Citadel of the Basilisk to prove herself worthy.

This is her story.


ElfLore Book 3:

He claims to be Wyndrel Perras, prince and rightful king of the Emerin. Betrayed by Sir Tiercel and locked away for eight years in the deepest dungeon, he is driven by his desire for righteous revenge. 

Golden-haired, tawny- eyed, and handsome in a way foreign to most elves -- being especially broad of shoulder and deep of voice -- he is also a brooding, seething, arrogant man with a quick temper and the prowess and strength to settle his battles decisively.

His mission is to regain his throne and stop his enemy from handing over an elven treasure to a dragon in exchange for a weapon capable of destroying humanity. 

But Wyndrel, and his silver-haired companion Ariana Mirida, will each find that the greatest challenge they must face is each other. He cannot stand her, she cannot stand him, but at the same time they are compellingly drawn together.


These 3 books, published by Rennaisance Alliance, are now Out of Print.  Remaining supplies are limited, so please e-mail to ask about availability.

The ElfLore Trilogy

All three of the ElfLore books in one 636 page hardback.

Special Offer: Buy an ElfLore and get the 3 MageLore Books free!





Black Roses Audio Book


Black Roses Trade Paperback

He is the man of their dreams -- literally. He feeds on the sleeping minds of the women of Trinity Bay, making them believe their most forbidden fantasies are coming true. Now he has chosen the one woman he intends to be his, no matter how many people must die. Theresa Zane, newly returned to her childhood home, is drawn into a century-old mystery of sex, death, and the ominous haunting of the power behind the black roses.    He is the man of their dreams -- literally. He feeds on the sleeping minds of the women of Trinity Bay, making them believe their most forbidden fantasies are coming true. Now he has chosen the one woman he intends to be his, no matter how many people must die. Theresa Zane, newly returned to her childhood home, is drawn into a century-old mystery of sex, death, and the ominous haunting of the power behind the black roses. 

12 Cassettes $44.95

12 CDs  $49.95 



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Gifted Children

Changeling Moon

Path of the Bold

The children of Trinity Bay are like any other American kids. Lora Blake has a way with animals. Toby Edwards is the class brain. Jenny Forrester can talk her friends into anything. But in the innocent gifts of these children and others like them, someone has seen a gift of terrifying potential. Seacliff, the house on the hill, has a new secret.  For thousands of years, they have lived among us. Their abilities have given rise to our oldest legends and our deepest fears. To them, we are prey.

Aiden Ferguson has lost everyone she ever cared about. Orphaned, alone, reclusive and shy, she leads a quiet existence in her little house on the beach, until a chance meeting with a handsome stranger begins to draw her out of her shell. An unexpected friendship with a flamboyant actress draws her out even more.

For the first time in years, Aiden is learning to love life again … just as her life, her soul and her very humanity are threatened by the cold white light of the . . . Changeling Moon.

Path of the Bold presents all-original tales of superpowered action and mystery set in the Silver Age Sentinels universe. It features stories from such masters of the fantastic as Christine Morgan, John Kovalic, Mike W. Barr, Stewart Wieck, and Dennis Detwiller, as well as a new adventure of Sydney Taine (star of Marvel's Nightside mini-series) by Robert Weinberg. Edited by James Lowder.


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Horror Between the Sheets

History is Dead

Strange Stories of Sand and Sea

Horror Between the Sheets, The Best of Cthulhu Ses Magazien B&W, presents the best short stories and poems from the first 16 innovative issues of CSM. This anthology features the writings of Bram Stoker Award winning Mark McLaughlin, award winning Jeremy Russell, Origins Award nominated Christine Morgan, Brian Knight, Durant Haire and Matthew Howe among others. Exhibiting the prowess of some of the best new and veteran writers in the genre of sensual horror, Horror Between the Sheets satisfies with word after word.

Published by Two Backed Books, this anthology contains the story, The Reaching Wall, by Christine Morgan.

Our team of crack historians has uncovered the truth you never learned in school: the living dead have walked among us since the dawn of time. In this collection of gruesome tales from throughout the ages, the ravenous undead shamble through bloody battlefields, plague-ridden cities, genteel country estates, and dusty frontier towns. They emerge from foggy cemeteries, frozen barrows, loamy bogs, cursed mines, and gore-spattered operating rooms to prey on the living. But these zombies don't just eat people. They help painters and writers save their faltering careers. They unwittingly push humankind on the quest for fire. They topple evil capitalists and their corporate empires. They fight crime. They fall in love. Join us on a journey into our zombie-filled past... Neither history nor the living dead have ever been this exciting!

Published by Permuted Press, this anthology contains the story, The Barrow Maid, by Christine Morgan.

Over 40 tales of seafaring scares, including Christine Morgan's Sinker, a ghastly tale of body disposal.

Published by Fine Tooth Press, it is available from Amazon.com.


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Dead Science


The human intellect knows no bounds because of them.

We’ve built cities and nations upon them.

We’ve stopped the spread of terrible diseases because of what we’ve learned from them.

Lives have been saved . . . but lives also have been lost.

Now those lives have returned from the grave, seeking revenge.

Sometimes . . . science goes wrong.


Featuring the terrifying tales of 13 authors, Dead Science brings you stories of the undead unlike any you’ve ever read before. Prepare to go behind-the-scenes and learn about the causes of various zombie uprisings and the havoc these creatures wreak upon the living.

Stories by:

Gustavo Bondoni, Eric S. Brown, Michael Cieslak, Lorne Dixon, Anthony Giangregorio, Glen Held, Becca Morgan, Mark Onspaugh, Gina Ranalli, Vincent L. Scarsella, Jason V. Shayer, Ryan C. Thomas and Adam J. Whitlatch.



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The Silver Doorway Series

A set of fantasy books for children and pre-teens

The Broderick kids -- twins Kevin and Katie, and their little brother Sam -- always thought there was something strange about their Aunt Ellie. When they discover a secret room in her basement, and a magical silver doorway that takes them to another world, they find out for sure.



Silver Doorway #1: 
A Gnome Away From Home

Silver Doorway #2: 
A Dwarf in the Dark

Silver Doorway #3: 
A Elf's Adventure

The Broderick kids -- twins Kevin and Katie, and their little brother Sam -- always thought there was something strange about their Aunt Ellie. When they discover a secret room in her basement, and a magical silver doorway that takes them to another world, they find out for sure.

Marky the gnome has come through that doorway. When the kids follow him back, they find themselves in a world where magic is real, giant owls carry people away, and goblins try to steal children to change them into more goblins.

Even if they can help Marky get home, how will Katie, Kevin and Sam find their way back to their own world?

Stone Hammerfine and Sam Broderick might be from different worlds, one of them a dwarven boy and one of them a human boy, but they have something in common. Mean, bossy sisters!

To show Garnet and Katie that they are old enough to take care of themselves, Stone and Sam end up deep in a forbidden cave. 

Where they go from being caught in the web of a huge and hungry spider to being on the 
run from a scary bunch of axe-carrying dwarven robbers ...


Mom and Dad are going on a cruise, and the Broderick kids get to stay a whole week with Aunt Ellie.

But Aunt Ellie has plans, too! Her boyfriend Cal has time to give Kevin a quick lesson in swordplay before their big date, and then the kids are on their own with Chester the cat.

 Of course, Katie and Sam want to go down in the basement and see the magic silver door that leads to another world. Kevin objects, until he sees who's come through.

Her name is Talaitha, and she is simply the most beautiful girl Kevin has ever met. An elf, she can cast spells, and she's on a quest for an enchanted chalice to make her parents fall in love again. Thinking that their own Mom and Dad could use a little of that magic, the Broderick kids are quick to join her.




Silver Doorway #4: 
Dragon on the Loose

Silver Doorway #5: Orcs Ahoy!

Silver Doorway #6:
The Alchemist's Girl

Draca the dragon thinks that she is going to have a peaceful day. Her treasure and her precious egg are safe in her mountaintop cave. She is looking forward to relaxing with her gold ... until enemies invade her lair.  

Chester the cat thinks that he is going to have a peaceful day. His owner is away on a trip and he has the house to himself. Everything is nice and quiet ... until a dragon egg hatches in the basement! 

Katie Broderick thinks that she is going to have a peaceful day. Her brothers are over at a friend's house playing video games. She is spending a pleasant afternoon reading ... until she gets a phone call from Aunt Ellie's cat.  

With Ellie gone, Chester knows that there are only three people he can turn to for help. Three other people who know the secret of the silver doorway, and the magical world on the other side. There is no time to waste! A baby dragon is on the loose in Luna Park! 

And catching the baby turns out to be just the start of the problems for Katie, Kevin, and Sam. They have to take the baby home to its mother, but where is its mother?

Written for readers ages 7-12.


Sam Broderick thinks he's got it bad.

His dad just moved out. His mom might have a boyfriend. There's a new housekeeper who doesn't make any of Sam's favorite food.  Instead of spending their weekends doing fun stuff, Sam and his brother Kevin and sister Katie have to help clean out an old trailer full of junk. They don't even have time to visit the magical land on the other side of the silver doorway in Aunt Ellie's basement.

Oh, Sam thinks he's got it bad all right . . .

At least, he does until he meets Druush.  Druush has it worse. A lot worse.

Chagro, the fiercest warrior in the Empire of Gerosh, wants to marry Druush's mother. But before he can, he has to get rid of one thing - her son.

The people of Gerosh are seagoing orcs - strong, tough and bloodthirsty.  On his own, there is no way Druush would survive. He needs help. He needs friends. He needs a way to convince the emperor to order Chagro to spare his life.

And so, armed with a bowling ball, a bunch of Hawaiian shirts and a box of ugly ties, Kevin and Katie and Sam Broderick set off through the silver doorway on their greatest adventure yet.


Twelve-year-old Kevin Broderick has decided that learning how to swordfight is more interesting than baseball … and more important, too.

His Aunt Ellie is a sorceress. There's a magical silver doorway in her basement that leads to another world. Sometimes people come through looking for help, and sometimes it's the Broderick kids – Kevin, his twin sister Katie, and their little brother Sam – who end up going back with them to save the day.

That world a fantastic place, full of elves and orcs and dragons, but it's also dangerous. They have to be able to defend themselves when they go on another adventure. So, Kevin has been taking fighting lessons from Aunt Ellie's dark-warrior boyfriend, Cal. And Katie has been studying magic spells. They want to be ready for whatever happens next.

Except that they aren't ready. Not when it happens to Aunt Ellie.

Cal can't do anything, Mom and Dad certainly can't either. Even Chester, the talking cat, can't help them now. This time, it's all up to the kids, but they're not sure if they can do it alone. Where else can they turn?

The only other one who knows their secret is Kevin's friend, Todd … who has never been through the doorway. With Todd's help, though, they just might have a chance to rescue Aunt Ellie before it's too late.





The Book of Final Flesh

The Book of All Flesh

GURPS Villians

From the battle-torn skies over World War I France to the corridors of alien prisoner-of-war satellites, the opium dens of exotic Victorian Shanghai to the living rooms of suburban America, the zombies rise up. Some crave revenge. Others hunger for the brains of the living. All are driven by desires they can neither control nor understand...

Edited by James Lowder, The Book of Final Flesh presents more than twenty tales of the living dead, original works by such notable scribes of the weird and fantastic as:

  • Christine Morgan
  • Sarah A Hoyt
  • Roland Green
  • Joseph Nassise
  • Tim Waggoner
  • Pete D. Manison
  • Lucien Soulban
  • and many more....

Editor James Lowder previously helmed the successful anthologies Realms of Valor and Realms of Infamy, and is known to readers for his own best-selling dark fantasy novels Knight of the Black Rose and Prince of Lies.

The dead have risen. God help the living.

It’s too late to run. The zombies are everywhere. They stalk through urban jungles and across the carefully manicured lawns of suburbia, shudder to unlife on the bloodiest battlefields of the Civil War and in the deepest tunnels of far-flung interstellar mining colonies. They lurk on your street, in your company’s boardroom, in your own bedroom.

And they hunger.

The Book of All Flesh presents twenty-five original tales of zombie horror, including works from such renowned chroniclers of fantastic terror as C. Dean Anderson, Robert Vardeman, Ed Greenwood, Scott Edelman, Robin Laws, Christine Morgan, and Matt Forbeck.

A pirate said to Alexander the Great, "Because I have only one ship, I am called a pirate. Because you have a great navy, you are called an Emperor." 

Villains. Where would the heroes be without them? 

Probably unemployed. 

The hero may be the star of his story, but it takes a prize villain to bring out the best in him! GURPS Villains is a compilation of dastardly foes from all ages, genres, and backgrounds. Crackpot spy-movie masterminds, backstabbing patricians, grim undead overlords, hard-bitten crime bosses . . . they're all here! Each villain is described both biographically and in game terms, and is accompanied by "bits" like fiendish plots, evil henchmen, devious deathtraps, and secret strongholds. GURPS Villains also includes a
GM's guide to dramatic villain design and use. After all, everybody loves a "good" bad guy!

GMs can use this book for instant opponents, or choose a villain they like and build a whole campaign around him! There are over 50 villains and villainous groups (2 by Christine Morgan) with complete stats and writeups, including details of their "evil plans," in this survey of fiends and foes from all times and climes.