Gifted Children

Release Date: July, 2004

Publisher: Sabledrake Enterprises

Size: Trade Paperback (6" x 9"), 372 pages

ISBN: 0-9702189-9-0

Price: $16.95


The children of Trinity Bay are like any ordinary American kids. Lora Blake has a way with animals. Toby Edwards is the school brain. Jenny Forrester can talk her parents and friends into going along with anything.

But in the innocent-seeming gifts of these children and others like them, someone has discovered a power of terrifying potential.

A new force inhabits Seacliff, the house on the hill. From the outside, it appears benign – part school, part home, part hospital. Dedicated to healing, helping. But the true work going on at Seacliff is much, much darker.

As the project progresses, it will draw first the children, then their families, and finally an entire town into its shadow.

Gifted Children is Christine Morgan’s second Trinity Bay novel. It is set three years after the events in Black Roses.

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