Silver Doorway #4:

Dragon on the Loose

Release Date: July, 2004

Publisher: Sabledrake Enterprises

Size: Trade Paperback (6" x 9")

ISBN: 0-9702189-7-4

Price: $6.99


Draca the dragon thinks that she is going to have a peaceful day. Her treasure and her precious egg are safe in her mountaintop cave. She is looking forward to relaxing with her gold ... until enemies invade her lair.  

Chester the cat thinks that he is going to have a peaceful day. His owner is away on a trip and he has the house to himself. Everything is nice and quiet ... until a dragon egg hatches in the basement! 

Katie Broderick thinks that she is going to have a peaceful day. Her brothers are over at a friend's house playing video games. She is spending a pleasant afternoon reading ... until she gets a phone call from Aunt Ellie's cat.  

With Ellie gone, Chester knows that there are only three people he can turn to for help. Three other people who know the secret of the silver doorway, and the magical world on the other side. There is no time to waste! A baby dragon is on the loose in Luna Park! 

And catching the baby turns out to be just the start of the problems for Katie, Kevin, and Sam. They have to take the baby home to its mother, but where is its mother?

Written for readers ages 7-12.


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