ElfLore II:  Knight of the Basilisk

Release Date:  Available Now

Publisher: Renaissance Alliance Publishing

Size: Trade Paperback (6" x 9"), 276 pages

ISBN: 1-930928-47-5

Price: $15.95


The Emerald of Karria has the power to know the touch of the true king. It is for precisely that reason that Tiercel Reyes must remove it from the Emerin forever. He cannot risk anyone else being proven king, not when he has his own plans for who shall next rule. But neither an item of such worth and divine magic be destroyed.

So, in the company of the Morvalan warrior-priestess Kai Tilanne, Tiercel sets out for the distant eastern coast of the forest, where a range of volcanoes rise above the treetops. One of these is the home of Racandros, a great and wealthy dragon. Their plan: to exchange the Emerald for another item within the dragon's hoarde, thereby keeping the Emerald away from any who might use it, while at the same time giving Tiercel access to a weapon of fearsome strength.

This weapon, the Phial of Sevarre, contains a poison that could conceivably cleanse the taint of humanity from the face of the earth. With the lesser races destroyed, the elves would once more resume their place as the true heirs and masters of the world.

But before reaching their goal, Tiercel is wounded and Tilanne must tend him. To take his mind from his suffering, she relates to him the story of her own life. The story of how one young girl, a soldier's daughter, was granted a startling inheritance from a dying knight.

Among the Morvalan, their people under constant threat from the armies of the Mountain King, the roles are rigidly defined. Men are soldiers, weaponsmiths, and stonemasons. Women are teachers, crafters, and most importantly of all, bearers of the next generation. There has never been a female Rhunvala, a warrior-priest of Kaledhol. But when Tilanne is chosen by Kai Terindor as his successor, she must defy convention and prove, to her people and herself, that she is worthy of the honor bestowed upon her.

The gaze of the basilisk is fatal to all save its own kind, and thus Tilanne swears to defend and protect all elven life while becoming a dire enemy to all others. 

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