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Naughty & Dice:

An Adult Gamer's Guide to Sexual Situations


a preview of the exciting new RPG supplement, coming from Sabledrake Enterprises in September 2003

Copyright © 2003 Christine Morgan & Tim Morgan

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Sabledrake Enterprises is pleased to announce the September 2003 release of a new role-playing supplement for the adult gamer. Written by Origins Award nominated author Christine Morgan and 20+ year gaming veteran and game store manager Tim Morgan, Naughty and Dice takes a light-hearted but serious look at the topic of sex in RPGs. Its rules are designed to be easily adapted to any game system.

The following preview includes a chapter-by-chapter outline with excerpts, synopses, and samples of the text. It also includes some examples of art by some of the talented artists contributing to this project. The final product will be 104 pages in length, a soft-cover, perfect-bound book. 


Chapter One - Introduction


"The tavern is crowded, noisy, and smoky. In one corner, you see a group of dwarves playing cards. A pile of gold coins and uncut gems glitter in the center of the table. The rest of the seats are taken up by assorted rough-looking types. Mostly human, with a few orc-bloods mixed in. The bartender is a fat, sour-faced woman, and there are three gorgeous barmaids. You see some open stools at the bar and a table near the fireplace."

The GM looked up. "What do you want to do, people?"

"I'm getting in on that card game." Robin said, rubbing his hands together and grinning. "Alain is feeling lucky tonight."

"Orc-bloods, you said? How many? What are they armed with?" Jan picked up her dice and rattled them menacingly.

"I check out the gorgeous barmaids," said Scott.

"Okay," said the GM. "The dwarves laugh when Alain comes to their table. Let's see the color of your money, skinny-boy, they say. Jan, you guess about five of these guys are orc-bloods. Two have short swords, two have knives, and the last one is unarmed."

"Suckers," Jan said. "Easy meat. Destria the Undaunted gives them each a challenging glare."

"Hang on," protested Robin. "Let me win some money first. I toss a gold piece on the table and ask the dwarves how they like the color of that."

"They offer you a place at the table and deal you in."

"Hey, what about the barmaids?" Scott asked.

"Oh, right. Two blondes and a redhead."

"What are they wearing?"

"You can't expect me to sit around when there's orc-bloods in the place," Jan said to Robin.

"Just for a while. Give me ten minutes." Robin turned to the GM. "I'm going to clean them out. Cheat if I have to, but I don't want to get caught."

"Roll against your Cheating, your Sneakiness, and your Gambling," the GM instructed. "Jan, the biggest of the orc-bloods has taken exception to the way Destria's looking at him. You got a problem, female?"

"I'm making a pass at the redhead," said Scott.

Robin rolled three times. "Made it! How much do I win?"

"Something stinks in here, and I think it's you," Jan said in the low growl characteristic of Destria the Undaunted.

Behind the screen, the GM's dice clicked and clattered. "Fifty gold, Alain. Destria, the orc-blood takes a threatening step toward you. The rest of the tavern falls silent, even the dwarves looking around to see what's going on."

"How about the redhead? How'm I doing with her?" Scott asked. "Remember, Silverfox has the 'unbelievably handsome' trait."

"I take advantage of the dwarves' distraction to filch some of those gems," Robin said, and rolled again. "Made it."

"Uncut ruby worth a hundred gold," said the GM.

"Destria rests her hand on the hilt of her sword," Jan said. "You want some of this? Come and get it."

"Hey! What about me and the barmaid?" Scott cried. "Don't I get to roll or something?"



Sex is a topic rarely discussed in most role-playing games, yet it can be as much of a factor as combat or magic. This book presents rules for introducing such an often-overlooked element into games. These rules should only be included to the extent that players and GM are comfortable with, and should not be used to bully, harass, or otherwise distress anyone.


The Sexuality Statistic

The rules presented in this book require the addition of a statistic not commonly found in most game systems. This is Sexuality, which is not so much a measure of a character’s appearance as it is a combination of state of mind and general physical health and well-being.


Alternative Lifestyles

A lifestyle that is different from the norm might not be considered an advantage or a disadvantage in and of itself (excepting in the most basic evolutionary sense of being unlikely to reproduce), but may involve personal and societal repercussions depending on the era and culture.




Chapter Two - Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs


Turn-Ons are special gifts, traits, or abilities that enhance a character’s sex life, improve chances of reproduction, and affect the reactions and attitudes of those who know about them. Such reactions can be positive (increased interest) or negative (intimidation, envy).


Allure type: Variable

The character possesses something raw and primal, an appeal that has to do with pheromones, attitude, or sheer animal magnetism rather than physical beauty. Treat it as a bonus to the Appearance statistic, applicable only to those attracted to that character’s sex.

Turn-Offs are limitations, flaws, or drawbacks that adversely affect a character’s sex life or chance of reproduction. They also affect the attitudes and response of others who learn about them. Such reactions can be positive (willingness to help) or negative (scorn, aversion).


Unlucky in Love type: Major

The character just can't seem to make things work out in the romance department. He or she may have looks, charm, or other advantages, but for some reason it just never goes as planned. The character forgets a date or an anniversary, says the wrong thing at exactly the worst moment, etc. This Turn-Off should be role-played, and is perfect for a ‘tragic’ character.


Kinks and Sexual Variances

Many people are turned on by certain acts, traits, or phenomena that others might not be aware of or interested in. They might choose to keep these habits secret from their family and friends, only sharing them with trusted partners. Such habits are called 'kinks,' and like most other sexual behavior, are generally harmless if carefully conducted between consenting adults.



Defined as a sexual attraction to strange, alien, or nonhuman sentient creatures, this particular kink is much more likely to come into play in a game that involves members of more than one race.




Chapter Three - Skills


Most of the sexual skills are based on the mind rather than the body. Sexual behavior has been demonstrated to depend more on attitude and state of mind than physical ability. For this book, some Sexual skills will be based on the Sexuality statistic or an average of Sexuality and Intelligence, while others will be linked to pre-existing statistics.


Flirting Based on: Charisma

This is the ability to flirt with the opposite sex. It includes making small talk, compliments, and flattery, sincere or not. It is also the ability to determine if someone is only flirting or is seriously making a pass.


Foreplay Based on: Sexuality

This is the ability to arouse and satisfy a partner without or prior to intercourse. It covers everything between kissing and penetration, including the varieties of oral sex.


Stripping Based on: Agility

This is the ability to remove your clothes sensually to music and evoke an erotic response in an audience. Relies on physical grace and agility.




Chapter Four - Character Types


The sample character types outlined in Naughty and Dice include the Bad Boy, the Casanova, the Cross Dresser, the Exotic Dancer, the Femme Fatale, the Flasher/Exhibitionist, the Geisha, the Good Girl, the Madam, the Soiled Dove, the Mistress/Courtesan, the Pimp, the Prostitute, and the Voyeur.


Bad Boy

There’s one in every boy band and on every campus. The guy with the attitude, that dark and dangerous something that for various and often unfathomable reasons appeals to the girls.


Femme Fatale

A sleek black dress . . . a hat with a netted veil over the eyes . . . an ebony cigarette holder and smoky-husky voice . . . one look at her, and it's clear that she’s trouble.




Chapter Five - Sex Support



Any substance believed to increase sexual desire or ability is an aphrodisiac. These substances can be consumed, applied, inhaled, and used in a variety of ways to stimulate and enhance. The recipes can range from simple to complicated - one ancient expert recommended drinking a glass of honey and eating twenty almonds and a hundred pine nuts for three successive nights to get the sought-for effect.


Pornography vs. Erotica

Pornography is defined as “writings, photographs, movies, etc., intended to arouse sexual excitement, esp. such materials considered as having little or no artistic merit.” (Webster’s College Dictionary, Random House, 1999). Erotica is defined by the same source as “literature or art dealing with sexual love.”

The appropriate use of pornographic or erotic materials can give a bonus to a character’s Sexuality score.




Chapter Six - Sex Magic


Spells of love can play an important part in crafting a storyline or campaign, but they can also be abusive to rules, a cheat to characters, and a way to harass players. Such spells and devices should always be used carefully and conscientiously.


Tantric Sex

Most often associated with the Kama Sutra, one of the world's oldest how-to books on the art of love, Tantra is a mystical/spiritual science that focuses on the meditative and harmonious aspects of sex. Its goals include purifying the mind, achieving higher states of consciousness, and awaken psychic energies.



During the Dark Ages, terror of witches and sorcery was at an all-time high. It was believed that witches gave themselves body and soul to demons, engaging in all manner of depraved sexual acts. In exchange, the witches gained fearsome powers such as causing impotence, infertility, and miscarriages.



This section includes 20 magic spells pertaining to sexuality, sexual health, pregnancy, and delivery. Each spell description will include a duration, and a degree of casting difficulty that can be translated by the GM into applicable game effects.




Chapter Seven - Pregnancy and Contraception


Many factors contribute to the likelihood of becoming pregnant, from the male’s sperm count to the timing of the woman’s cycle. It is extraordinarily complex in real life. For the purposes of this game, it will be simplified by assigning each character a Fertility rating.

Following each applicable, unprotected sexual encounter, the GM rolls 3d6 vs. the combined Fertility scores of the participants. If the result is equal to or less than the combined score, the female is impregnated. Should a character be involved with multiple partners on the same occasion, each partner is considered a separate encounter.



Ever since humans figured out that sex causes babies, there have been efforts underway to prevent it. From the earliest superstitions and herbal remedies, to modern drugs and surgical techniques, women have fought for the ability - and sometimes for the very right - to control their own fertility.




Chapter Eight - Folklore of Sex


Folklore of Marriage

The white wedding dress is a fairly recent development, coming from Victorian times. Prior to that, any color other than red or black was permissible, and the gown was meant to wear to other occasions later.

A bride should enter the church with a step from her right foot and never stand across the cracks of the floorboards but parallel to them.


Folklore of Childbirth

Just as the one to catch the bouquet is the next bride, so too is the next woman to hold a new baby certain to be the next mother.

Midwives once counted the knots or bumps on the umbilical cord of the firstborn, because they believed this would show how many more children the mother might expect.


Folklore of Love Spells

To attract a lover - the caster writes the name of the desired one on an unused sheet of parchment or paper, recites an incantation, burns the paper, and puts the ashes in his or her shoe.

Mirrors - by breaking a mirror into which a lover has just looked, and burying the pieces, the caster can ensure that the love remains true.




Chapter Nine - Mythology of Sex


Sex in the Bible: Adultery

King David had an affair with Bathsheba, wife of Uriah, after spying her bathing. When this resulted in a child, the king arranged to have Uriah killed in battle and took Bathsheba as one of his wives.


Sex in the Bible: Seduction

The most famous examples are Eve coaxing Adam to eat the apple that brought about their fall from grace, Delilah plying Samson with her wiles to learn the secret of his strength, and Salome’s dance.


Sex in Ancient Myth: Incest

Many mythologies feature incestuous marriages between their primary gods. Zeus married his sister, Hera. Isis and Osiris of Egyptian myth were twins and lovers from the very womb. The Incas believed themselves to be descended from the sun-god Inti and his sister and moon-goddess, Mama Quilla.

Sex in Ancient Myth: Prostitution

The goddess known as Inanna to the Sumerians and Ishtar to the Babylonians was also referred to as the 'mother of harlots' and the 'great whore of Babylon.' Her temples were the home of sacred prostitutes called 'joy-maidens.'




Chapter Ten - Talopea


The faith and followers of Talopea provide an example of a fantasy-gaming type religion dedicated to sex.

One of the eight major gods of the Northlands, Talopea is referred to as the Goddess of a Thousand Pleasures. Her province is that of sheer sensuality. She is not a goddess of love per se, or of marriage, or fertility. Just pleasure, in all its many forms.

Like most priesthoods in fantasy games, the Talopeans are granted the ability to call upon their goddess to perform certain tasks on their behalf. This is accomplished through prayer and ritual. The ‘holy symbol’ of Talopea is a contour of gold that is rather sexually suggestive in design, often worn as an amulet on a chain around the neck.




Chapter Eleven - Sex, Horror and the Paranormal



When it comes to scary-sexy, the vampire is the undisputed champion. Vampires may have begun their folklore career as hideous ghouls, but the Victorian era brought them into the spotlight as the ultimate dark figures of romance.



The raw, primal nature of the werewolf is what so many people find attractive. The ability to cast off the restrictions of society, to hunt and kill, to run naked through the night and engage in wild animalistic sex under the full moon …


Incubi and Succubi

Insubstantial denizens of a dream world, incubi and succubi prowl the night in search of sleeping victims. They influence and affect the sleeper's dreams to induce a state of extreme arousal, often by assuming the image of whomever their victim finds most desirable.




Chapter Twelve - Sex and The Future



From the dawn of human history, the development of tools and stimuli to encourage sexual behavior has been an important factor in evolution. Throughout the centuries and in many forms, humans have turned their intelligence and innovation into devising new and better ways to obtain, enhance, encourage, or even simulate sex.


Bliss Implant

This device takes the form of a long, thin probe that pierces the skull to reach the pleasure center of the brain.


Pleasure Doll

The vinyl, inflatable sex doll of the 20th century cannot hope to compare with the lifelike, realistic, programmable Pleasure Doll.



Encounters with beings from other worlds bring up countless possibilities and permutations. The human norm of two sexes, marriage, and family units might not be standard for the rest of the cosmos. A member of an alien race will likely have a physiology and culture very different from that found on Earth.




Chapter Thirteen - Sex and Fantasy Races



The elven ideal of beauty is much the same for males and females alike: long, silken, light colored hair; large vividly-colored eyes; skin of a nearly translucent fairness; a tall and slender build; ears that taper to a graceful sweeping point.



The dwarves have two primary approaches to sex. The 'blacksmith' method is hard, rhythmic, pounding, hot, noisy, and favored by the males. The 'silversmith' method is slow and painstaking with a lot of attention to detail and workmanship, and favored by the females.



The brutal reputation of the orcish race for ferocity in battle and barbaric customs extends to their mating practices as well. The chieftain of each clan will have a harem of the females of his choice, anywhere from five to seven of them, provided he is still strong enough to prove he can keep them.



Female dragons are twice the size of their male counterparts, and won't hesitate to attack and devour their mates if they can. They require considerable protein to bring eggs to term.




Chapter Fourteen - Sex in History


This chapter looks at sexual practices and attitudes common in the following periods of human history:

  • Prehistory

  • Early Civilization

  • Ancient Cultures

  • Classical Cultures

  • Eastern Cultures

  • Middle-Eastern Cultures

  • Medieval and Renaissance Europe

  • Pre-Columbian Cultures

  • Victorian Era

  • Modern



Chapter Fifteen - Adventure Ideas


Naughty and Dice includes nine settings that make use of the Sexuality rules. These range from a gentleman's club catering to the jaded and experimental to a haunted hotel room where a ghostly bride awaits her groom, from a pleasure planet to an Old West carnival of sexual oddities, and more.




Naughty and Dice also contains material on:

  • Sexually transmitted diseases

  • Kissing in combat

  • Magic items

  • Pregnancy testing

  • Psychic powers

  • Fantasy and Faerie races

  • Alien races and hybrids

  • Puberty rites

  • Divorce customs

  • Appearance enhancement

  • The work of Freud and Mesmer

  • Scientific sex studies

  • Virginity

  • Sample cost lists

  • d20 conversion, 4 character/prestige classes, 12 feats, 14 new spells

  • Book and website bibliography

With a variety of art by many talented artists, and chapter-introduction flash-fiction short stories, Naughty and Dice is a useful addition to the role-playing resources of players and GMs whose campaigns involve mature subject matter.


104 pages, soft-cover, perfect bound

Release Date: September 2003

Publisher: Sabledrake Enterprises

Cover Price: $19.95

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