ElfLore I:  Silversilk

Release Date:  August, 2001

Publisher: Renaissance Alliance Publishing

Size: Trade Paperback (6" x 9"), 340 pages

ISBN: 1-930928-66-1

Price: $16.95


Twenty years of war between the elves and the dwarves have left the Emerin a land without a king. A
land in which ambitious counts and scheming Archmages plot and plan to gain control of the empty throne. The only sure way of finding a true king would be to seek out the Emerald of Karria, a fabled jewel gifted to an elven princess long ago by the hunter-god Denethel. But the Emerald rests in a hidden temple far to the north, and it is said that only a king or a swordmaiden can handle it safely.  And in the cultured, civilized Emerin, swordmaidens are almost unheard-of.

Into this place of trickery and intrigue comes Ariana Mirida, a young woman bent on clearing her family name of false charges and regaining the lands that should have rightfully belonged to her father. She cares little for the fate of the Emerin, and when she learns of the Emerald, sees it only as a way to get the attention of the Council of counts. Because Ariana, the daughter of a mage and a thief, is accomplished in both sorcery and swordplay.

She sets out on her quest with one companion -- Mischa Narrin, a human priest of Talopea, Goddess of a Thousand Pleasures. Mischa, hoping only to make the acquaintance of many beautiful elven women, gets much more than he bargained for when Ariana drags him off into the wilderness. They must confront crazed shaper-mages and the monstrous products of their demented sorceries, and pass the Tests ordained by Denethel himself.

But those are not the only dangers facing Ariana and Mischa. Sir Tiercel Reyes, hailed as the hero of the Emerin, is in truth a Morvalan, a dark elf with ties to the mysterious southern reaches of the forests. He plans to bring back the Emerald himself, with the help of a Morvalan warrior-priestess. When they overpower and capture Ariana, they deliver her into the hands of Count Elyvorrin, who blames Ariana's father for the death of his own daughter many years before.

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