Black Roses 

Audio Book

Release Date:  October, 2003

Publisher: TimeFare Productions

Size: 12 cassettes or CDs


     0-932079-10-5  -  Cassette
     0-932079-31-8  -  CD


     $44.95 - Cassette
     $49.95 - CD

A sample chapter is available on cassette for $1.75 or for free as an MP3.  [Download the Black Roses Demo]

Trade Paperback

Release Date:  July, 2003

Publisher: Sabledrake Enterprises

Size: Trade Paperback (6" x 9"), 300 pages

ISBN: 0-9702189-5-8

Price: $14.95

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With her marriage over and her career on hold, children's writer Theresa Zane returns to her childhood home of Trinity Bay, California to live with her father. There, in the lush green of the coastal redwood forest, Theresa meets the man of her dreams. Literally.

He is an incubus, able to infiltrate the sleeping minds of women and take on whatever form fulfills their darkest, most hidden fantasies. The strength of Theresa's spirit draws him like moth to flame. He decides that he will not rest until she is his.

The women of Trinity Bay fall prey, one after another, to  the power of their dreams. The incubus, draining their life energy, inspires them to acts of violence and suicide, and leaves his victims troubled by the lingering image of a black rose. The same black rose that appears in an heirloom necklace that Theresa Zane finds in her home. The same necklace with a past linked to Seacliff, the mansion on the hill overlooking the town.

A series of brutal, horrific murders all across the country are connected only by one clue -- a single black rose left at the scene of each crime. Further investigation into the backgrounds of the men reveal one other thing they have in common, one person they all knew. This lets a Trinity Bay chief of police and two New York City detectives guess who the next targets might be, but how can they be protected against a force that can reach out from beyond the walls of nightmare?

Only Theresa can combat this menace, and she'll need a necklace with a haunted past and the help of three dead girls to do it.


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