Archmage of the Universe

Release Date: July, 2001

Publisher: Sabledrake Enterprises

Size: Trade Paperback (6" x 9")

ISBN: 0-9702189-1-5

Price: $11.95


When corruption is already in place, power only adds to it ... 

*Talus Yor is not dead!* 

So speaks Ilgilean, the small red drake who was familiar to the murdered former Archmage of Thanis. 

But even if she's right ... even if the brave companions of Cat Sabledrake can survive the dangers of the wilderness and find Talus Yor, will it be enough? 

Can any force stand against the fearsome Solarrin? As their quest takes them far from home, he begins his evil work.  With the Highlord and the city under his control, and the ambassadors of the Elder Races falling victim to his manipulations, it soon becomes clear that Solarrin's goal is to see the Northlands run red with blood. 

Cover art by Brian Vigue 
Interior art by Christi Smith Hayden
Introduction by James Ernest, the man behind Cheapass Games 

"A single page of a Christine Morgan novel is enough to remind me why I hate 
reading fantasy fiction."
-- from the foreword.

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