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A wonderful review of Sabledrake Magazine was printed in Dark Matter Chronicles, issue 2.20, 12-23-00.  They would not allow us to reprint is here.


This review appeared in the Guildsman #7

Sabledrake bills itself as an online magazine by gamers, for gamers and for science-fiction enthusiasts.  In publication since January of this year [2000], it is a monthly html zine with a professional look.


This review appeared in the April, 2001 edition of Writer's Digest "Zine Scene"

Are you game?

Sabledrake Magazine ( launched by Tim and Christine Morgan in January 2000 is "an online magazine by gamers, for gamers and for sci-fi/fantasy enthusiasts." Each monthly issue showcases a new theme (ranging from Heroics to Conspiracies to New Worlds). This e-zine dedicates its content to the love of games and fiction and the often overlooked relationship between the two (many games are adaptations of fiction and vice versa). With its eye-catching cover and wealth of content -- everything from articles and poems to book and video-/board- game reviews to fantasy artwork -- Sabledrake is any fantasy-fan's fix. Submissions are accepted. Send short stories, how-to gaming articles, reviews and cover or interior art to or to Sabledrake Enterprises, P.O. Box 30751, Seattle WA 98103. Refer to guidelines online (no pay).


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