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Regular Columns


The Review column takes a close look at books and games and gives readers more information about the book or game than they could from reading the back cover. Reviews talk about the style, playability/readability of the work and recommend others to try it or pass it by.


What's Your Fantasy? -- by Christine Morgan

This column features articles about the art of game mastering and can include any sort of advice or guides for GMs. Possible topics include world and campaign building, adventure planning, gaming without plans, realistic characterizing, etc. Articles should be written in generic terms, not for any one game system.


Vecna's Eye -- by Tim Morgan

Vecna's Eye is the editorial column for Sabledrake Magazine and will usually be written by one of the editors. We may look for a guest editorial now and again, but not usually. That said, it never hurts to try. If you feel strongly about something in the gaming or fiction industry, send us a letter. If you don't get a guest editorial, you may get it printed in the Letters column.


Off the Shelf -- by Stephen Sobotka

Book reviews about fiction both new and old, sci-fi and fantasy.

The Play's the Thing -- by David Goodner

Advice for RPG players, emphasizing character creation in many important aspects.

Suspended Animantion -- by Michael Vance

The latest in comic reviews from the Suspended Animation site.

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